Hello Sewists out in the bloggersphere! If you're like me, you're always hunting for new fabrics and new patterns designers. Well, I have a treat for you. Or maybe you're already "in the know."

I sewed this GORGEOUS strike from Midnight Mountain Fabrics to make this darling top, Elise, from Halla Patterns. 

Both are exquisite and let me tell you why.

First, and most pressing, Midnight Mountain fabrics has these fabrics and a load of other colorways / stripes, coordinates, and gorgeous flowers on pre-order until April 25th. You can find all the options for the Watercolor Roses here. 

Midnight Mountain is a Canadian based fabric company that DOES NOT use stock images, so this ensures that all of their designs are 100% original art and are very unique! These flowers are literally hand-painted and that makes me love them all the more. I'm so ready for spring. 

Prices are expected for custom fabric, and the length of fabric is cut in meters, so for us in the US it feels like a bonus. Also, lets not forget that each transaction is processed in CAD. It's a win-win.

I used the Elise Top and Dress pattern to create this Peplum. I'll be honest, I don't wear this style very often, but it looks so cute on that I may be a convert. I love the detailing on the tabs and the unique (to me) ruching on the waistband. Construction was easy and straight-forward. I like that Halla has lots of options in their patterns. 

-2 pocket styles
-A-line or gathered
-Dress or peplum
-Tabs or no tabs
-Puffy sleeves or straight sleeves
-Layered printing options
-Ruched, straight, or no waistband

I chose the A-line peplum with straight sleeves, no pockets, ruched waistband, and tabs. I actually modified the sleeves to be more "cap" style, but it only gave it a small curved shape. I'm still experimenting with different itty bitty mods until I'm comfortable with them! Over all a success, but I'll shorten the armcye "inseam?" next time.

Last but not least, I sewed a straight size 2/4 HOWEVER!!! My waist measurement is a solid 27" instead of the 26" that the size I sewed calls for. Usually I am a 4 waist, 2 bust, 6 hip. Or whatever variation. 

-Bust -1
-Waist center
-hips +1

I did not grade, I did not modify, I did not give myself extra room. For this I am so sad! I'm spoiled on t-shirts that you can slightly fudge a size. With this quality of knit (slightly thicker) please measure yourself properly!

Ahh, at least my sister gets a pretty top. :)

Don't forget to get your pre-order for the Midnight Mountain Fabrics Watercolor Roses in before April 25th! You can find all the options here. and you can keep up with all the lasted Midnight Mountain news in the MMF Facebook Group!

The pattern I used can be purchased here, Elise Wrap Top and Dress. You can keep up with all the awesome Halla Creations in their Facebook group if you need more inspiration!

None of these links are affiliate links, but I did receive the fabric free of charge in exchange for photographing it after sewing! :)
There's something awesome about being cozy on your days off. All of my sleepwear was purchased about 9 years ago. Yes, nine. So I thought it was time to discard the old and make something cute to lounge in. Let me introduce the pattern that needs absolutely no introduction because it's already wildly popular ... The Portlander Pants by New Horizons Designs!

This is actually my second pair but these ones fit PERFECTLY. I shorted the length by 1" and now they skim the ground ever so slightly when I walk but cover my heels completely when I sit with my knees tucked to my chest. (A typical seated "looking at my phone" position haha!)

I got this lovely, drapy, snuggly double brushed poly from Simply By Ti Fabrics. It's completely pajama approved, comfy approved, husband approved, stylish and cozy approved! The colors are so vibrant and these are probably my favorite pants ever. 

Ti has a special birthday sale going on all month and this week is 25% off of double brushed poly and cotton lycra! She has a ton of awesome prints that you can grab at a great discount. To get the code, make sure to join her Facebook Group here.

Makers note: Don't skip the pockets on these pants! They come together so quickly even with the pockets and it's SO nice to have pockets on pajamas. They fit my bulky phone and everything.

Side note: I use the term "night pants" which my husband thinks is crazy. He says "night pants" aren't a thing but that's what I've called pajamas ever since I can remember. Night shirt, night pants, etc. Am I crazy?! I had to keep remembering to type pajamas. He thinks night pants is like some term for pants you use to sneak around in the night. Hahaha

Size: XS and removed 1" from the length

There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive my fabric at a discounted price for my ambassadorship with Simply By Ti Fabrics. All opinions are my own, and you should certainly check out the killer sale she has going on all month. A new fabric type will be discounted each week. The best way to follow along is to join the Simply By Ti Facebook Group!
Is it just me or do you also find that the person you wish to be and the person that you are aren't always the same thing? Ok, that's a little deep. I'm mostly talking about sewing. Who knew that the feeling of inadequacy can seep over into hobbies, too? I wholeheartedly want to be a certain type of seamstress. I want to make all the patterns from Deer and Doe, Sewaholic, Grainline, and Closet Case. I want to tackle outdoor coats, jeans, and dresses with boning. But here I am, six years in and I just finished my first hoodie. I'm JUST to the point where I can make gentle mods to my patterns and not freak tf out. Don't get me wrong. I can do so much and I have done so much! I'm the pround owner of a coverstitch and I use it damnit! Still, I want to be better. 

This year has been great. I set a goal, and a tough one at that, and I've stuck to it! I haven't purchased a single article of clothing and it's really helped me narrow down what I need and it's forcing me to sew those items! So, less depresso - more espresso. The jeans will come... but for now, let's talk about this hoodie.

I didn't hem it. Don't judge me. I can't believe I live in Washington and I don't own a damn hoodie. It has been SO USEFUL! It rains. A lot. 

I used the Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan. I finally reprinted it, but chose a size Small instead of XS. My measurements put me in the XS, but I needed more room if I was going to get it over a tank top. I used the add on hood and then I decided to do exaggerated cuffs for the sleeves. Obviously inspired by all the "grow with me hoodies" that I've been sewing. I guess I'm all ready for my arm growth spurt... 

The sleeve mod is hardly a "mod" but a cute detail nonetheless. I cut the sleeves at the 3/4 sleeve length mark (I didn't even have to add a seam allowance because I was making the cuffs so big it didn't matter) and then doubled the rest of the sleeve length so that the "cuffs" would be "lined" so to speak. Easy peesy!

Greenstyle is definitely one of my top designers. Her patterns fit me. I'm more of an athletic build. (Disclaimer - I'm not saying I'm athletic, only that I have small boobs.) The pattern whips up really quickly and the add on pack has a cowl option, too. For me though, I need that head/rain protection, so I'll probably be making lots of hoodies. I didn't realize that it was a wardrobe necessity! The fabric is Double Brushed Poly from Surge Fabric Shop and it's so, so lovely. I don't wear a lot of floral for my tops, but the grey background is to die for. 

Pattern: Centerfield Raglan and Hoodie Add on pack
Fabric: DBP from Surge Fabric Shop
Size: Small

Make sure to check out both Greenstyle's Facebook Group and Surge Fabric Shop's Facebook Group!

*This post does contain affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you use my link to purchase a Greenstyle Creations Pattern. Profits go to my netflix subscription so I can watch the office for the 14,000th time.*
April is here! And obviously, as one does, I start celebrating my birthday at the beginning of my birth month. Thank god I get 17 days to pretend to be a princess. :) 

Every year since I've been sewing I've planned to make a "birthday dress" not that I'm going anywhere and not that I'm doing anything, but I want a dress to feel fabulous in regardless. This is the first year in six that I have set out to make a birthday dress and TADAH! I actually finished it. A mashup none the less. 

I combined the Striped Swallow Designs Harbor Knot Dress bottom(a favorite of mine and my husbands ;) ) and the Desert Breeze top. I was excited to sew another Harbor Knot dress. I've only made the one during testing but it has gotten a ton of wear and I needed another for the summer. Actually, the day I finished this one, a pictures collage popped up on my time hop from the night I finished the last one last year! How cute. One year later and sewing the same thing.

I did modify the back to be straight across and used lace and binding to connect to the halter strap around my neck. I actually was inspired by a a dress from lulu's boutique. I'll post the picture at the end! The process to make this is trial and error and a whole lotta "make it work." If I make this combo again I'll shorten the torso by about an inch and lower the neckline by making the halter longer. Over all, I absolutely LOVE it. I think it's just the spice that my last Harbor Knot needed!

I bought this fabric from Surge Fabric Shop. Kayla is the shop owner and she's amazing! She carries cool fabrics like lots of stretch lace, stretch mesh, underwear elastic, and obviously VELVET! She often runs deals on her facebook group, too! Shipping is fast, and customer service is excellent. 

Pay no attention to the goosebumps. It's still 45 degrees in Washington, even though I'm pretending that it's already summer. 

 This fabric is perfect. It makes me feel somewhere in between a baby french bulldog and a classy escort. That's really all I want in life. It was perfect for our cirque du soleil show last night! I actually had multiple compliments from strangers on the dress. Who doesn't love that?!

Inspiration from Lulus.com

Fabric: Surge Fabric Shop Black Velvet

If you haven't tried Striped Swallow Designs some awesome things about her patterns are
2. Clickable PDF (Go directly where you need to go!)
3. Video tutorials to assist with difficult things (The knot)
4. No trim pages!

Go check them out! Also, me and Mandalynn share a birthday and if history repeats isself, she may be having a sale soon so keep and eye out!
I'm both extremely happy and frightened. I have created something amazing and I have also created a monster. Let's discuss. This past January I made my husband a tee for his birthday out of special, custom space-man fabric and obviously, before I made it, I made a "muslin" out of grey knit. So at this point, he had two shirts and kept exclaiming how comfortable and amazing the shirts were. So, being the awesome wife that I am, I picked up some Nike wickaway fabric from Simply by Ti fabrics and made him a new running shirt. Now his shirt count is up to three and he is "strongly encouraging" me to make ALL of his undershirts. He keeps hinting at how comfortable they are and how they don't shrink and how they don't come out of his pants when he bends over. *Siiiigh* I guess this is a good thing. :) I can mindlessly sew solid colors. Can I wait for his next birthday?

P.S. Getting him to take pictures is like pulling teeth. That has to be the deal. Let me take pictures and in exchange you'll get comfortable undershirts.

I got the Nike Wickaway fabric from Simply By Ti fabrics. This is the second color I've used. I sewed stride tights and used the same fabric in Cobolt here. I love it because it's very stretchy and breathable. It certainly feels premium!

I wanted to see how a true runner liked this fabric. My husband goes on casual Saturday runs. Turns out causal to me is about 300ft and casual to him has turned into 14 miles. These crazy Washingtonians. Running and being healthy. Tennessee asks, "What is that? Broccoli and running? Nope, I don't like that. Nope, I don't like that at all."

The pattern is Tadah Patterns Men's Slim Fit tee and I sewed a straight large crew neck option. This pattern comes in sizes XS to XXL and a V-Neck options, too. If you don't have experience with Tadah patterns, the drafting is very professional and there are all the expected pattern markings, etc. The instructions have drawings and are very clear. It's a "hold your hand" pattern which doesn't bother me in the slightest. If you know how to make it without the instructions, great! If you don't, there is plenty of info in the pattern to help you. The large fits great with no mods! Winning.

I LOVE this fabric and have used it for my own workout clothes. If you haven't sen it yet, it's thin, super stretchy, and very breathable. I think it's perfect for long runs! I looked at some of my husband's RTW workout shirts and I noticed that most of them had the seams cover-stitched down and so I tried my hand at it! I really love the look and the smooth feel to help prevent chafing but Devin said that he didn't really notice a difference. Switching from serging to cover-stitching may not be worth it if he can't tell the difference, but it was a fun look for this one.

Size: Large
Model: My lovely husband <3