So, first up on my handmade wardrobe is more work clothes. It's finally time to admit it... I work five days a week (sometimes six) and ten hours a day. I'm at work no less than fifty hours per week and I have about two days of play which account for approximately thirty-two hours of "free time." I don't need more dresses, I need more work clothes. Warm work clothes.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite blouse, the Brasov Wrap Top from Itch to Stitch Designs.
I have loved Kennis' Designs for awhile now. They have the professional drafting of "the big 4" (notching, markings, grainlines, finishing techniques, etc) but with better sizing and directions but the benefit of her group which allows you to ask questions!

At first, I wasn't convinced on this design. I am a small busted girl and high necklines can look unflattering on me so I wanted something lower cut. But after sewing this up, I can't wait to make more. I'll be real with you, including cutting, this top took me about 4 hours which I feel is super excessive. It has a lot of details, but next one should be about half that time. Maybe I was just slow moving.

My standard size in ITS is 0/2/4 bust/waist/hip but since this was knit I chose to do 0/0/4 since I like a more fitted blouse. The only changes I made were on the shoulder pleats. I sewed them 2.5" down (the same as the waist pleats) because I misread the pattern. Turns out, if you're small busted, Kennis suggests you lengthen the shoulder pleats anyway! Accidental win!

I bought the fabric from Cali Fabrics when they had their black Friday sale. It's DBP. I believe they still have white in stock but the black is almost gone. It's soft, cozy, and stretchy. Just what you'd expect from DBP.

I already have two more planned. For the next one, I'll size down once again. 00/0/2. The one thing I noticed is because I sized up on the hips two sizes the ends poke out to form kind of a bell shape. So I'll avoid that this time by keeping the waist and hip portion a more similar size. Plus it's knit, so it will stretch! My measurements are 32/27/37 and finished garment for 00/0/2 are 34/28/36

This has been an awesome addition to my work wardrobe and it's warm! Glad to have my closet growing with professional clothing. Thank you, Kennis!

Pattern: Brasov Wrap Top
Size: 0/0/2

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Hello 2018! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and New Year thus far. Have you made any sewing resolutions? I have made my biggest one to date. This year I'm going to make 98% of my clothes. Why 98%? Well, I really need jeans and work pants and I'm not attempting bras yet. So I've allowed myself to buy two pairs of jeans, 2 work pants and any bras if needed but everything else is off the table! I'm really excited for this adventure and to finally fill out my work wardrobe. So I've jumped in head first and sewed several pieces this year already. 

Since it's health and wellness month, I'll share my first makes of the year, workout attire! I sewed this at the perfect time, too. Greenstyle Creations is having their second fit capsule with prizes, patterns and fabric discounts, and lots of excited people sewing workout clothing to keep their fitness resolutions. You can join in the fun here. 

For my first 2 pieces of the fitcapsule, I sew up my forever favorite Stride Tights and the Centerfield Raglan.  The raglan is great because it can be a casual shirt or a workout top with the change of fabrics. 

This awesome fabric is from one of my favorite shops,  Simply By Ti Fabrics. She carries really nice brandname athletic fabrics like Nike and Underarmour. I could gush about this black Underarmour wickaway fabric forever... It's plush and soft and way warm, it's my favorite fabric for leggings, hands down. It hugs like second skin.

There's not a lot to say about the stride tights that I haven't already said, but damn. These are my absolute favorite. If you've only sewn these with swim like me previously, please do your legs a favor and try some nice quality material like the wickaway fabric mentioned above. As for the raglan, I'll probably size up next time... same comments that I made before but I chose the same size again. I need to do myself a favor and reprint the pattern. :) Its certainly cozy and I'm happy to have a long sleeve. My wardrobe is severely lacking in any warm clothing. Guess I'm a summertime kinda gal.

So here are my first pieces of my capsule! I'm so excited for 2018, more sewing,  more blogging,  more mental and physical health. Has anyone else taken the pledge to sew their wardrobe this year? 


Please join the fitcapsule to receive a discount code for Simply by Ti Fabrics and on all Greenstyle Athletic Patterns!

Fabric was provided by simply by ti fabrics for this post, though all my opinions are honest.

Ladies, winter in Washington is no joke. Except today. Today, we were lucky. My husband and I caught the last rays of sunshine before darkness fell in front of a local mural. He always has the best photo spots. 

I'm super excited about today's post because it is extra special. Not only did I sew a tried and true, but it's my first sew from Simply By Ti Fabrics! I have worked with Ti on several occasions and was so excited when she started a fabric shop. She focuses on quality fabrics and is big on education. Just message her and she's happy to recommend fabrics based on your project. Perfect for the beginner sewest or someone trying out a new fabric. 

I sewed up the Papercut Patterns Coppelia Cardigan (for the millionth time) and used a drapey rayon spandex from Simply by Ti fabric shop and it's lovely. It's still very drape-able and flow-y but it's not see-through!

This is definitely a new favorite of mine. So far, I've worn it on two dates, on a mini vacation, and to work several, several times. It's cozy and I just adore this pattern so much! I do believe next time I make it I'll blend the waist to the next size up, I think my hips are expanding and the bottom of the shirt rolls a bit. It does the same on my sweater knit version, too. Guess that means my hips are... widening. Haha 

Did you see that stripe matching?! I was pretty excited, too. lol I don't know exactly what size I sewed, I printed this a long while ago and can't be bothered to go find it now. I SHOULD sew XXS for the bust and XS for the waist and hip which is what I will do next time. :)

Be sure to check out the Simply By Ti Facebook Page and Facebook Group. Tibeca goes "live" every Thursday to teach us about sewing related things. Some awesome tips I've picked up is which direction to use a criscross thread cone vs. a straight thread cone, what the best types of seam rippers are, and a lot of info on different types of fabrics! She also posts in her group and page when she's having a sale. :) 

There are no affiliate links in this post, however, I did receive my fabric at a discount from Simply By Ti.
Fabric and pattern for this post purchased by me. Though, this blog post does contain affiliate links so I can sew warm clothes. ;)

It's November already, and it's freezing already in Washington and obviously I decide to make a summer dress. Obviously. 

For this month as part of the Striped Swallow Designs promotional team I bring to you the Summer Dawn Wrap Dress. This one was a favorite of mine since it's release. I actually planned to sew this dress for the wedding I attended in August but Jupiter and Mars didn't align with the sacrificial goat ceremony on the full moon. (The fabric shipment and sew time didn't want to cooperate with my work schedule.) So I put it off until now! Anyhow, the pattern + my doting husband makes me feel like a total fox.

The wrap dress comes in sizes XS to XXXL and is a really flattering shape on many body types. It sure makes me look shapelier than I feel... Ahhemmm... boobs...  
In fact, the Summer Dawn has been gorgeous in every picture I've seen!
Best of all, the PDF has layers so you can print only your size. God send.

We went to a local college campus for pictures and it was approximately freezing. Does anyone else feel super awkward posing for pictures in front of people? I want to make my husband a shirt that says, "It's okay, she sews." Or "This is a work project." ... maybe those would be too weird. Haha
Being on a college campus reminded me how bad parking sucks. Stop encouraging people to go to college, there are no parking spaces left! I'm so glad I have already graduated. My feet were falling off after all the walking we had to do to get to different locations. Totally worth it though.

Here is a slightly blurry pic of the flutter sleeve. This just so happens to be my favorite sleeve type. Delicate, feminine, and so cute. 

This wrap dress is a  little different in two ways. 1. the wrap at the bottom is angled and 2. the front of the skirt actually attaches to part of the tie. This is important to me because it creates a smoother cross over on the bust. Each bodice piece doesn't have to stretch all the way to the waist seam and it creates a more flattering fit than other wrap dresses I've sewn. It also comes with mini and maxi lengths so you can create a formal dress, too!

FYI, when a pattern says they draft for 5'5" and you happen to be 5'7" don't try to squeeze a mini dress into the same length. I didn't hem the bottom because it would be far too short for my comfort if I did! Had I added the extra two inches like I was supposed to, I'd have plenty of room to hem. 

I sewed the XS for the bodice and the S for the hips and I think from printing the pattern to ... not hemming ... was about 4 hours with breaks. Probably two hours of actually sewing time not counting the cutting out. I cut so slow, it's absolutely my least favorite sewing job.

The fabric I used is from CaliFabrics and it's the ever popular DBP. I loved the fabric on the website, I ordered it and it arrived and I suddenly didn't love it and then I sewed it into this gorgeous dress and now I can't think of a better print to have used. It absolutely screams, "TAKE ME ON A DATE!" I love using DPB for wrap dresses because you'll know if you've ever used this type of material that the brushing kind of acts like a gentle Velcro which is really nice when you're worried about the wind blowing your dress flap open. Haha

My husband actually did take me on an impromptu date after the photo. Grabbed some delicious calzones, had some awesome Moscow Mules. (Omg, are those to die for, or what?) and then he kicked my ass in ping pong after which we went to go see Thor. Now that I think about it, who was this date really for? Haha

This dress is perfect for all the holiday parties we have coming up. I'm planning on wearing mine to the friends-giving that we host every year as well as the surprise date I have planned for my husband coming up in December. The long version would be great for family photos for Christmas or family gatherings and the short version would be perfect paired with tights and boots for your holiDates coming up, or even Valentine's!

Pattern: Summer Dawn Wrap Dress $9
Fabric: CaliFabrics Roses on Wine $6.74/y for 2y = $13.48
Thread: $.50

Aproximate Cost $24

This post contains affiliate links to help me heat the new house in this freezing winter. :)

Winter. It's coming. For me that means freezing from about September until May and for some reason I've never taken warm clothes into consideration. It's just not cohesive to my lifestyle... whatever tf that is. Being cold is as much a part of me as putting on chapstick for excessive amounts of time, complaining about not feeling well only to remember I haven't eaten in 48 hours, or awkward dancing. (Ask my friends, it's not pretty.) It's a part of my blood. However, I'm tired of it! So, this year I've set out to sew clothing that will be stylish AND keep me warm. What a novel idea, huh?

So I present to you my first sew as part of the Striped Swallow Designs Promotional Team! (Super excited about being part of the team, too! I love Mandalynn's trendy and free spirited designs. So you can look forward to a monthly SSD sew from me. :) ) *Drum Roll* I present the Women's Rhapsody Joggers!

Oh, side note. My husband and I just bought a home. So these are all taken in our living room. The lifestyle pictures will get better as we actually get the space decorated!

On to the Rhapsody Joggers! This is easily the most comfortable thing I've ever sewn for myself. The Joggers are a loose harem style around the hips and thighs and tapered into ankle cuffs and they have the most fun and sizable pockets ever. I actually can carry my phone around the house with me while not in my hand.

The pattern fits hips sizes from 34.5" to 47" so lots of options for different body types.  

The process to sew the Rhapsody Joggers is easy as I have always found with Striped Swallow Designs patterns. The instructions are clear and there are only 3 printed pattern pieces. Front, back, and pockets! Then a cut chart helps you cut the waistband and ankle cuffs. I sewed the XS based on my measurements though I guess I could have added about 2 inches to the legs to get a more scrunched look. 

I used the most comfy fabric, too. I picked up some of Darcey's Heathered DBP while she was having a $5/yd sale on solids and it's light, drapy, and cozy af. Can all my clothes be DBP? I pretty sure you already know, but if you don't, Darcey runs a fabric shop Sincerely Rylee that carries a ton of florals and bohemian prints.... and lovely solids, too. 

The waistband features 3 sets of elastic, 3/8", 1/2", and 3/8" again. I do really love how it makes the waist a little more flexible and comfy instead of one stiff piece of elastic trying to flex around my curved waist. I also like the way the waist looks, it adds to the bohemian feel. I had pants like this as a child and they were plaid and hideous and I absolutely loved them. I chose not to use plaid for these so they are MUCH cuter, however, they'll definitely be indoor pants. :P

 I love the overall feel of this style, it's extremely relaxed and fun and just perfect for snuggling up on the couch to watch The Office reruns. My husband is a huge fan... he definitely keeps petting my leg. We need a dog, stat.  

Fabric: DBP from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics $5/yard
Notions: 3/8" and 1/2" elastic, thread
Size: XS
Yardage: 1 5/8th yard